MarketPugilists is founded on principle of transparency in trading, meaning any trading service should openly prove their results. Our mission is you gaining more than money, but also gaining know how. Performance gauge (flagship account) is a real money live trading account and we refund subscriptions 100% if flagship account does not return minimum 22% in any year-over-year period regardless of market conditions (Bull, Bear, or Flat).

Don't fall prey to sharks and snake-oil sales disguised as trading services with no skin in the game. Be wary of:

  •  Services that offer outlandish claims (e.g. make 2000% in week trading one simple method etc.).
  •  Services that do not show their results readily and publicly.
  •  Services that will not refund your subscription based on their performance. We refund your subscriptions 100% if our flagship account does not return minimum 22% in any year-over-year period regardless of market conditions.

Most would-be and even experienced traders fail in the market because of the constant illusion that easy money is readily made. The truth is making money in the market is a fight and one must be well prepared with a bag of tricks. We provide accelerated preparation, training, and most important, the repetitions (Stock and Option alerts) to become consistently profitable. Our approach is market fluid and we trade bullish, bearish, and neutral positions when opportunity arises while constantly assessing risk and hedging.