Trading is similar to a boxing contest since they both share the same goal of “hit and not get hit” or specifically to the trader “make money and not lose money”. However if one has spent any time watching boxing, it is quickly realized even the most gifted boxer imagined never leaves the ring without a bump or bruise. This is true because it is unavoidable as a contact sport. Similarly in trading, it is inevitable that a loss will occur at some point in time. But just like the gifted boxer still leaves the ring with a win, you as a trader can take losses and still leave with an overall profit.

It would also be laughable to think this imagined gifted boxer is a one trick pony in the ring but instead safe to say this athlete could do it all – having strong cardio to go later rounds, instincts to dodge punches, ability to engage on the inside or maintain safe distance on the outside, having a good jab etc. This is exactly why services advertising “make money with one simple strategy etc.” are untruthful at best because making money in the market requires more than one trick. Here at MarketPugilists, we approach the market with a complete bag of tricks developed over years of experience. Our goal at MarketPugilists is to impart these market skills to our subscribers to trade any market environment.